Dental Websites

We have put together a list of useful Dental Websites in the UK and US that offer dental care advice in your region. If you have any suggestions of great dental care websites that you feel others would benefit from, please leave us a comment below or email us. Many thanks.

UK Dental Websites

British & International Dental Health Foundation The Dental Health Foundation provide dental health advice and support for the public and professionals. They even offer free confidential advice by telephone or email. If you have a dental worries you can be assured you will be able to either find your answers on the website or you can just get in touch with them and find the help you need.

NHS – National Health Service The NHS website in general is a wealthy free resource, and the dental care section is great. It has lots of advice, guides and information and really is a comprehensive dental care website for all. It even has a search facility so you can find a local NHS Dentist.

Find a local NHS dentist here. Enter your postcode or town and find an NHS dentist local to you.

US Dental Websites

Know Your Teeth Know your teeth is a great dental website that has pages and pages of information to help you with your dental care. You can find a local general dentist, search the extensive glossary for advice or even download a dental diary widget fro your PC or MAC. This is great, it sets countdown to your next dentist appointment, reminds you to throw away your toothbrush at set periods and give you some tips and advice along the way.

Mouth Healthy Mouth Healthy is a great resource for all to keep up to speed on the basics as well and the latest in dental care and advice. It gives advice on dental care through pregnancy, for babies & kids, and adults within various age groups. It even has a symptom checker to use if you have a specific complaint you wish to find out more about.

Mouth Healthy Kids This is a great dental website for kids and parents. It is full of fun and interesting tools and information to help you educate your children in the facts about dental health care. It has videos, quizzes, games and activity sheets that make it all that little bit more fun for the little ones.

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